Fixed Deposit vs Debt Funds

Fixed Deposit
Data as on - 29-11-2022
Pre-Tax Return Investment Amount Redeemed / Maturity Amount Total Interest / Profit Amount Annual Interest / Return (%)
Fixed Deposit 100,000 105,095 5,095 5.09
HDFC Dynamic Debt Fund - Growth Option 100,000 101,014 1,014 1.01
Post Tax Return Pre-tax Interest / Profit Amount Capital Gains Tax Indexed Amount Income / Capital Gains Tax Post Tax Interest / Profit Amount
Fixed Deposit 5,095 Not Applicable Not Applicable 1,528 3,566
HDFC Dynamic Debt Fund - Growth Option 1,014 Short Term Not Applicable 304 710

Note: The Fixed deposit interest rate is based on historical State Bank of India Fixed deposit rates for different deposit terms. Short Term if term is less than 3 years. Long Term if term is more than three Years.

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